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The IAM has a suite of qualifications available, tailored using the IAM’s expertise of working with administrative and managerial professionals, including administrative managers, administrators, office managers, PAs and EAs. 

Candidates completing an IAM Qualification also receive free student membership with the IAM for the duration of their course. This gives students access to additional resources to assist them both with their studies and career development.

Examples of qualification subject matter include: 

  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Office Management
  • Project and Event Management
  • Business Planning and Strategy
  • Marketing 
  • Finance 

There are IAM training providers who offer both classroom and distance learning options, so if you are interested in taking an IAM Qualification you can get in touch with us.

What Is A Regulated Qualification?

A regulated qualification is one that has gone through a formal process with an Awarding Organisation, who are approved by a qualifications regulator; for example, Ofqual (England), SQA (Scotland) and CCEA (Northern Ireland)