How to Study

We offer a range of way to study our qualifications. This means you can choose one that best suits you and your current commitments.

Study at an Accredited Centre

You can choose to enrol with one of IQ’s accredited centres so that you may learn from a tutor and have the benefits of studying with others. This suits those who enjoy structured classes and learning with others. All of our centres have undergone a rigorous approval process and are regularly quality assured. Tuition fees will vary depending on the centre you study at. To find your local centre please contact Industry Qualifications (IQ)

Study with a Distance Provider

You can also choose to study with one of IQ’s Distance Learning providers so that you can study at your own pace. This suits those who perhaps have family or work commitments. This may also be an option for you if you do not live near to one of our accredited centres. Remote support is available for teacher guidance, advice, and one-on-one discussions. Tuition fees will vary depending on the centre you study at. For information on our distance learning providers, please contact Industry Qualifications (IQ)

Study Independently

We are working to introduce an independent study route for learners studying some of our qualifications at level 4 and above. This method is intended for those who like to have full control over your learning schedule, how you study, and at what pace you progress. This suits those who are looking for maximum flexibility with their studying schedule.

More information on independent study will be available over the coming months.

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