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 “Building your knowledge throughout your career”


Is it time consuming?

The IAM is less concerned with how much time you spend on training courses or how many boxes you tick on a form. The IAM CPD is about capturing useful experiences, then looking at the practical benefits of what you have learned. There is one clear question that you ought to ask yourself to evaluate every piece of learning. That is

‘What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?’ So, when you record your CPD, what counts is the value of the activity. How you can use what you learned rather than what you may have done.

When can you do it?

Your CPD certificate can be claimed just as soon as you have obtained 30 credit points. This means that you do not need to wait until the end of the year before claiming it.


  • Any additional time may not be carried forward as a credit for the following year’s CPD where your study time is more than 30 hours
  • Copies of your record card and supporting evidence must be kept for future reference
  • There is a maximum number of hours that you may claim. This equates to three and a half hours per half day and seven hours per full day
  • All supporting evidence must state your name and the date that your activity took place.



Types of evidence you need to provide

Credit Points

Maximum claimable


Conferences, seminars and events


Attendance certificate

Maximum 3 credit points per event







Copy of your qualification certificate.

1 credit point per hour of guided study





Short training courses and workshops


Letter of attendance signed by your tutor or a copy of any certificate of attendance

1 credit point per hour of training





Language training


Letter of attendance signed by your tutor, a copy of your certificate, or a letter from your employer confirming that the training is useful to your work 

1 credit point per hour of training






Employer in house training


Letter from your employer or a certificate of achievement and, where appropriate, an outline of the relevant project(s). 

1 credit point per hour of training






Imparting knowledge


Copies of your books or articles from the published original, training plans or presentations

2 credit points per article of 500 words minimum





Mentoring or coaching


Validated copies of your mentoring or coaching records

1 credit point for every hour undertaken




Voluntary work / contribution to the community to develop your professional skills


Letter/email confirmation from the organisers or a copy of the minutes.

For voluntary work, a statement of how you believe this activity helps develop your skills for work (approx 250 words)

1 credit per hour of activity





Private study / reading


Making a note of the source and date. Documenting the relevance of the information obtained, where applicable

 When claiming for points for reading books, a paragraph on lessons learnt from the book and application in your own circumstances (min. 250 words)

1 credit point per hour of study or


3 credit points per book read





Speak or run a workshop or seminar or address a meeting

Advertising or marketing materials and a copy of your presentation

1 credit point per hour of preparations and speech





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