CPD - The Process involved

 “Building your knowledge throughout your career”


What is the process?


The IAM CPD Programme is a flexible process that includes a number of basic requirements. In essence, it's a question of setting yourself objectives for development and then mapping out your own progress to achieve them. Or, we could say it's about where you want to be, and how you plan to get there. The IAM approach is based on reflection. This means focusing on outcomes and results, rather than 'time spent' or a certain number of 'things done'.

Keeping a record

As a professional, you have a personal responsibility to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. To stay at the cutting edge of industry requirements, you need to demonstrate your excellence in your field of expertise. The IAM CPD Programme helps you turn that personal accountability into a positive opportunity. This means you are able to easily and effectively identify and achieve your own career objectives.

At least once every 12 months, the IAM recommends you systematically review your development over the previous year. Then you need to set your new development objectives for the coming year ahead. Reflecting on the past and planning for the future in this way makes your development more logical and easier to measure. Remember, this is a particularly useful exercise to carry out prior to your annual appraisal!

In order to do this effectively, some people find it helpful to write things down in a detailed way. Others prefer to record their 'insights’ and ‘learning points' in diaries on an ongoing basis. This, in turn, helps you to assess your learning in a continuous ways. These records and logs are useful and informative tools for planning and reflection: with busy multi-tasking and the juggling of work life with home life, it would be a real challenge to review your learning and learning needs yearly without regularly recording your experiences.

CPD is a real investment that you make in yourself. It’s a way of planning for excellence and professional development that links learning directly to practice.

CPD helps keep much-needed skills up to date, and prepares you for even greater responsibilities, opportunities and professional excellence. It will boost your confidence, further strengthen your already professional credibility and help you become more creative in successfully overcoming new challenges.

CPD definitely makes your working life more interesting and enjoyable and can significantly increase your job satisfaction. What’s more, it can accelerate your career development.

Earning CPD Credit Points

Did you know that there is a wide selection of varied activities to help you earn CPD credit points? These range from attendance at industry events and training courses to mentoring employees and simply reading relevant industry publications. Select a qualifying activity from below and find out more about the CPD credit points that can be earned.

How to attach evidence

The IAM only needs to see copies of evidence and is unable to return your original work. Please follow the recommendations and send in copies of evidence. 




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