CPD - Overview

 “Building your knowledge throughout your career”


What is CPD?

The IAM CPD Programme is a real mixture of activities that will promote excellence and professionalism. It takes a look at different ideas, approaches, techniques and activities that will help you successfully manage your own learning and growth.  The beauty of CPD is that it focuses firmly on your results and clearly shows the benefits that professional development can bring to your own professional standing. 

The clear message is that CPD is unique to each and every one of us.  This means that wherever you are in your career now, and whatever you want to achieve in the future, your CPD should be exactly this; unique and personal to you.

CPD is essential to your effectiveness and development, it is most definitely on your list of ‘must-haves’ for your future career success. Your professional development also makes a significant contribution to your team’s and your company’s performance. This is true whether your employer benefits from your sole membership of the IAM or the increasingly popular corporate membership for the professional administration and management teams.

To help you to benefit from the IAM CPD Programme in the most efficient way, the IAM provides a focused, logical structure that helps you to keep learning as your career progresses.  It enables you to identify any gaps in your knowledge and skills. It also directs you to a range of activities to help you confidently bridge the gap from where you are currently and where you want to be in the future.  By recording your progress with these activities, you will demonstrate direct and concrete proof of your commitment to continuous development. In turn, this will show current and potential employers that you are serious about maintaining your knowledge and skills and striving for excellence.

So wherever you are now and wherever you want your career path to go, continuing professional development helps you take the next step forward to further professionalism and excellence.

The IAM CPD Scheme

The IAM encourages members to log their CPD activity throughout the year to provide a structure for continuous development. Members who obtain 30 credits in the year under the framework can claim a CPD certificate from the Institute, confirming that the holder has met with the IAM’s requirements.

CPD can be logged either electronically, via the My IAM web portal or by completing and returning a copy of the portfolio document available from our website. 




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