CPD - Importance and Benefits

 “Building your knowledge throughout your career”


The importance of CPD and formal recognition

We all know that the value of CPD in today's work environment is fundamental to excellence and success: it is essential to your continued effectiveness and development. That is why the IAM firmly believes that any training can count towards your CPD record.  This means that almost everything you do - from visiting industry events, attending training courses or workshops and reading industry publications - is formally recognised in the IAM CPD Programme.

How CPD benefits you

CPD benefits are clear when you are going for promotion or upgrading your membership.  Did you also know that a series of research carried out in 2008, by a group of UK professional bodies found that professional body members could earn up to £100,000 more during their career by maintaining professional membership:

In fact, many employers now value learning ‘agility’ or ‘flexibility’ as a core competency. Here are just some of the advantages of earning CPD:

  • It builds confidence, credibility and excellence
  • You can earn more by showcasing your achievements. This is a handy tool for appraisals and shows your professionalism throughout
  • You will achieve your own career goals by focusing on your training and development
  • You will cope positively with change by constantly updating your skills set
  • You can be more productive and efficient. By reflecting on your learning and highlighting gaps in your knowledge and experience, you will discover where to go next on your career path.

How CPD benefits your organisation

More and more organisations are now shifting the responsibility for personal development back on to the individual. This means that having the ability and insight to manage your own professional growth is seen as a key strength. To remain competitive in the market, employers also need to demonstrate your excellence to their clients and customers. Committing time and resources with the IAM CPD Programme is one of the best ways to do this.

The IAM CPD Programme will:

  • Help maximise staff potential and link learning to actions and theory to practice
  • Assist HR professionals to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives, to align training activity more closely to real business needs
  • Promote staff development. This, in turn, leads to better staff morale. A truly motivated workforce helps present a positive image/brand to other organisations
  • Add value. Through reflecting on activity, this will help to consciously apply learning to your own role and the organisation’s development
  • Link to appraisals. This is an excellent, professional tool to help professional employees focus their achievements throughout the year.




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