IAM History

Since our inception in 1915, we have had a long and proud history. Below are a few of our key milestones.

  • 1915 The Founders organise regular Personal Development Meetings at the LSE.
  • 1916 The Office Machinery Users Association (OMUA) is formed in Beckenham, Kent.
  • 1932 The Office Management Association (OMA) is founded during the First National Conference on Office Management.
  • 1933 The first OMA Survey of Office Practices & Salaries is published.
  • 1936 The OMUA and OMA join forces.
  • 1942 The OMA, in conjunction with the LSE, publishes the First Clerical Salaries analysis.
  • 1946 The OMA, together with the Regent Street Polytechnic, launches an examination scheme.
  • 1948 The first Members Journal is launched.
  • 1960 The OMA becomes the Institute of Office Management (IOM).
  • 1971 The IOM initiates the Office of the Year Award.
  • 1972 The IOM changes its name to The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM).
  • 1976 The Office Job Evaluation Handbook is published.
  • 1994 The IAM launches its Continuing Professional Development Scheme for members - the scheme has it roots in the very first meeting in 1915.
  • 1995 The IAM celebrates its 80th Anniversary.
  • 1996 The IAM's current periodical, manager: the British Journal of Administrative Management, is launched.
  • 2003 The IAM launches the BA (Hons) in Strategic Administrative Management.
  • 2005 The IAM celebrates its 90th Anniversary at an international conference, hosted by the National College for School Leadership in Nottingham.
  • 2006 The IAM introduces several new National Qualifications Framework (NQF) programmes.
  • 2007 The IAM forges a strategic alliance with the Council for Administration, and moves to its current location in Vauxhall, London.
  • 2008 The IAM undergoes a re-brand and re-launch.
  • 2010 The Institute of Professional Administrators (IPA) becomes part of the IAM.
  • 2011 The IAM introduces a new suite of Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications.
  • 2014 The IAM is purchased by awarding organisation Industry Qualifications
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