About Us

The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) is the oldest management Institute in the UK having inspired professional business managers and administrators since 1915.

Our focus is on developing professional administrators, administrative managers, and business leaders. We do this through our membership services and qualification programmes to help individuals develop skills, build successful careers, and fulfil their potential.

What is Administrative Management?

Administrative management is at the heart of every successful organisation playing an essential role to ensure that businesses run smoothly.

It involves all types of business management and administration. Any middle or senior manager who is involved in the planning, co-ordinating, directing, or controlling aspects of a business can be considered an administrative manager.

Administrative managers ensure there is effective information flow and that resources are employed efficiently across an organisation.

Our Membership

We are committed to supporting professionals throughout their careers. Our membership benefits and continuing professional development scheme help our members stay at the top of their game.

We offer a full range of membership benefits for learners, employers, and training providers. So whether you are just starting out in your career, or have years of business experience, we have a membership level to suit you.

Our Qualifications

The IAM offer a number of qualifications through regulated awarding organisation Industry Qualifications (IQ).

In partnership with IQ, we develop and award qualifications from level 2 (equivalent to GCSEs) to level 6 (equivalent to the third year of a university degree). The qualifications are delivered by quality assured training providers across the UK and abroad.

Our programmes specialise in:

  • Business & administration
  • Administrative management
  • Business management
  • Governance, leadership & motivation

These have been designed in consultation with a wide range of employers, leading academics, and researchers. We also offer bespoke qualification services to corporate and international organisations.

Our qualifications are approved on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) by regulatory authorities in England (Ofqual), Wales (Welsh Government), and Northern Ireland (CCEA). Credits achieved from successfully completing our qualifications can be used to support further studies.

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